Thursday, February 19, 2015

Website hosting - Choose Affordable, Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap unlimited web hosting offers you the ability to put your site online, when you see it's the only way you can do it. No matter how big or small throughout content your web site happens to be it has to search an internet server. A web server is just a larger and much more powerful computer than your individual. Your internet articles simply sits for this server for visitors to access and view your details. The web computers are stored inside data centers, whatever you are simply carrying out is renting some space within the server.

  • Why make use of a web hosting assistance:
 Firstly it's very economical. Business website hosting companies look after and update all software forced to maintain your internet site, they will also add all security patches ensuring that your content is safe from hackers/viruses and also unwanted spam. Once you register your domain name (web site name) you must have it hosted for your public to view your details. If you come upon any difficulties you will have full technical support team to aid you. To host your individual will cost too much on hardware, bandwidth and also ongoing software changes.

  • I hear of web hosting services shared - What can it be?
When shopping around to get a web host company you will find that many are offering web hosting services shared. Shared web hosting is just a server that has many different web sites sitting about it simultaneously. You will be allocated a great amount of disk space within the server and this may allow you to have a volume of web sites hosted within the one server. Shared hosting is a quite secure service even when you could be revealing the server with a variety of companies. No other company will have your files. Many people think that using a discussed service will make the web page act very slowly and gradually, this is completely incorrect, the information is going to be displayed and downloaded equally as fast as in the event it where within the server on its own. Web host companies offer shared environment simply to deplete all the space within the server, there is not any benefit to a person or them having empty disk drive space.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Raidlayer Webhost Private Limited

The World-class Hosting Solution with Highest Security and Consistency

Raidlayer Webhost Private Limited is a techno-driven company open up in offering highly secure and reliable web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server.  As a complete hosting solution provider, we have the capability to cater the assorted needs of businesses to proffer high-end hosting strategy solutions.

What We offer – Most Affordable, Reliable & Secure Hosting Solutions.

With the increasing needs of businesses to have highly secure and reliable data hosting, we have technically advance solution for bespoke needs of businesses no matter type and size of their business. We have vast experience and expertise to proffer cutting-edge services with assurance of seamless performance, high availability and most secure solution for any type of your critical IT operations. We offer a gamut of value-added services to strengthen your complex IT business processes. We have our servers in the countries like the USA, Canada, India, UK, Hong Kong and Turkey that helps customers to get the immediate access of their site and it becomes the key benefits of our services.

As a one of the leading web hosting solution provider, Raidlayer Webhost Private Limited offers a spectrum of services for corporate and government sectors include.
  • Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • SSL Certificate
  • Email Hosting
  • API Reseller
  • DNS Management
Domain Registration Services

In the World Wide Web, success of any website mainly depends on its domain name and deciding a domain name is becoming the major concern of every website owner. As a prominent domain registration service provider, we proffer one-stop solution for all your requirements related to the domain. We proffer you cost-effective and accurate guidance helps you to accomplish your desirable business outcomes. Our consistent and cost-efficient domain registration services includes
  • Domain Registration  
  • Bulk Domain Registration
  • New Domain Extensions  
  • IDN Domain Registration
  • Domain Transfer   
  • Bulk Domain Transfer
  • Premium Domain Transfer  
  • Domain Reseller
Why Raidlayer?

Advantages of Raidlayer Hosting Solutions & Services For the success of any business, choosing a reliable web host is of prime importance. Raidlayer is a Web hosting, Cloud hosting and Network services provider that has been able to provide quality services to business small, medium and large corporate. Raidlayer offers a full range of web services that is required for any company irrelevant of their needs, level of skill or budget.

At Raidlayer Webhost Pvt. Ltd, we deliver responsible and dedicated services by keeping transparent approach in our work to prevail trust of our customers in our company and services. We also provide round-the-clock and punctual customer support to customers to resolve their queries immediately.

Dedication, better service and cost efficiency are the peculiar features of Raidlayer and its team members. Choosing Raidlayer for web hosting and domain services can not only allow you to gain a good online reputation, but also come out with flying colors in this world of tough competition.

With our support, you will be able to get the perfect online presence, since we will assist you in getting a Domain name to hosting services that can host your website to the perfect way.

To gain an online identity, every company must choose the best web hosting services. This will help the website to get visibility of the website on the World Wide Web without any downtime ant latency issue. A firm whether it is big or small, needs a webpage that will be able to provide good amount of visibility for the purpose of attracting the target audience. This task can be handled with ease with the help of a good hosting service.

Raidlayer Webhost Private Limited effectively provides web hosting in several countries data center co-location with the USA, Canada, India, UK and Turkey. 
  1. Get closer to your users, with new worldwide data center option.
  2. We accept multi-currency payment method. 
  3. Minimum Latency. Maximum Speed.
  • Best Infrastructure – The world-class infrastructure for delivering cutting-edge hosting solution.
  • Data Servers - Maintain our own servers in a carrier-class facility in Canada, USA, India, UK, and Turkey.
  • Highest Security - Intrusion Detection Service.
  • Non-stop Monitoring - 24x7 monitoring of servers.
  • Assurance - 100% uptime guarantee
  • Multiple Data Security - Daily backups of your databases and websites.
  • Spam Protection - Control the SPAM filtering on your own E-mail Domain.
  • Data Storage - Advanced SAN Based storage. High IO & Low Latency SAN utilizing enterprise grade hard drives in Raid DP.
  • Data Centers – The most advanced data centers deployed in pairs for real-time data replication.
Our Team

We at Raidlayer continually upgrade our knowledge to stand apart in the IT market. Our innovative and advanced web solution can satisfy our customers and give them the best, simple and efficient solutions rather than sticking on to complex business operations. Our developers are able to provide better support to your website by giving it the stunning look you have always wanted. With the help of our precise e-commerce hosting solutions, you will be able to enhance your online presence in a much better way.

Moreover, the best locations of servers, reliable database connectivity, advanced mail solutions for government and corporate sectors, and customized shared hosting solutions are some extra advantages of our services. Our data centers are facilitated with the utmost level of security, HVAC systems, redundant UPS and diesel generators to proffer 100% uptime guarantee.